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Urine Drug Testing

Urine is the most popular specimen used for drug testing. Drug test for court, work, school or personal reasons? Same day testing, no appointment needed.
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Hair Drug Testing

Known as hair follicle drug testing, it is a common form of testing in recent times. One inch hair strand from your head, chest, leg or armpit can be used.
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Alcohol Testing

Alcohol breath testing is efficient as it correlates well with the blood level at the moment a person administers the test. This type of testing is common in work places.
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DOT/Non DOT Testing

Transportation employees are tested for drugs or alcohol for safety in the workplace, on the roads, waterways and in the sky as well as protection from harm.
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Reasons Why People
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Save your valuable time

At your convenience and with a few clicks schedule a drug and alcohol testing for your employment needs

High quality professional services

Licensed and board certified physicians perform testing operations for government, private employers, contractors, court-ordered drug and alcohol tests

Same day service available

Mostly no appointments needed. Simply walk in with your confirmation and your test will be administered in a timely fashion by industry experts

How it works? Easy.

Simple as 1, 2, 3. Convenient, Fast and Reliable Drug & Alcohol Testing
Step 1

At the convenience of a smart phone or computer/laptop you can purchase a test online. Once payment is successful fill out the registration form to schedule drug testing appointments with no hassle.

Step 2

Once the registration form is filled out after purchase, you will be notified by email with confirmation along with the closest drug and alcohol testing location where you will take  your test.

Step 3

Your registration confirmation will include all information regarding your drug test including the location where you will go for testing. No appointments needed, just walk in.

Please note that our testing locations do not accept payment and require your online registration and confirmation, which will be sent your your email, to conduct a drug, alcohol, physical or DOT / Non DOT test.
Appointment is not needed as your registration is required in order to test.
Your registration and confirmation is your appointment. Just walk in to the location advised.

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